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The issues at Oakville are all due to poor management. The old management are people that grew up here and are not aware of how industry has changed…BUT they were also here when we were turning out 40+ shipsets…so they understand what we are capable of doing and how to do it!!! The real issues are being caused by all the new Bombardier managers…they came into the company with the mindset that all we are doing is bad and that we have not the knowledge or experience to fix things. They feel the need to change things yet have no processes or direction on how to accomplish it. How could they? They came from a heavily unionized, government subsidized company where they were never held accountable for anything. Had they, Bombardier would be a successful company.
The Bombardier managers are all reports people…they feel and justify their positions by creating beautiful PowerPoint presentations…and theses are lapped up by the senior onsite manager. But one must ask, what processes or systems have they changed to better the place? NONE. They can not get the place to run efficiently now when we are slow…image these managers when we are busy and at capacity??!!!
The Plating department has become a joke, the head of the department is not qualified to run the department and he has surrounded himself with week people. The ones that knew what was happening and keeping the production running (maintenance) where let go? How does that even make sense from a business standpoint? They eliminated the maintenance staff but kept 5!!!! managers…the place ran in the past (and better) with just one manager. All the projects they have been involved in are not yet working to capacity or fully turned over to production. The Degreaser only works when maintenance people are around and maintenance told them numerous times to have the operators trained but they did nothing, lets blame the machine. People in ME tell me that Boeing has the same machines so how come they run there?
Looking at current management, what do they do? Why have 5 managers in a job that used to be done by 1? and still the place does not run efficiently. These new managers just seem to blame everyone else for their shortcomings as managers. They give no direction, or guidance. Ever tried calling them on an off shift? Good luck with them responding, why? Cause they do not care!!!
In times like these you rely on the people with knowledge that ran the place in the past for guidance…not eliminate them. First you cut back on contractors, and then by seniority…not make up excuses to eliminate people that know what they are doing but make the Bombardier managers nervous because it shows their incompetence.
I am scared that I will be in the next round of layoffs, 10 years I have been here, I have kids and a wife to support…but I can not see us getting better with the current management mindset.
Senior leadership, please wake up and see what is happening on the shop floor, walk it and talk to the people, no one will blame you for reversing direction, bringing the knowledge back and setting us up for success.

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