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Management blames everyone else for their mistakes

What I don't understand is why it takes so long for upper management to see what's going on. I mean we now have worse managers then in the past and they are allowed to prosper because they blame everyone else for the mistakes that are being made and good people pay the price.

Before the pandemic hit we where producing almost 50 the crew that made that happen was here...we knew what to do to make the production requirements and where getting better. Then they introduce all these new managers and things go bad...they layoff the people that made the production of the past possible...because the existing employees they did not know what they where doing? Why is this allowed to happen?

Why is so much emphasis placed on chasing parts around the machine shop instead of implementing TPM measures that fix problems so parts do not go back for 2nd, 3rd...even 4th attempts at rework? We often get parts in plating with honing lines for example, why are the operators not instructed to make sure they do not leave these marks on the part? What processes are implemented to stop the rework instead of throwing more people at chasing parts around the shop floor?

Why does upper management listen to these managers exclusively? Why is their final word that of reason? Has anyone actually gone to the shop floor and asked what the issues are? Remember we where making the shipsets and getting better...we know what to do. And do not say we have online evaluations done to gather this information....I, myself have done dozens and nothing changes...why? Its like they are doing us a favor by saying we are listening...yet things have degraded to a point of toxicity.

Look at the plating department and the catastrophic problems they have had....this didn't happen before they laid off the maintenance crew...why is this not opening upper managements eyes? The current crew in surface finishing talks a great talk but there ability to actually keep the place running is shown in its current state. They will blame it was inherited, the place is old, lack of maintenance (that's a good one after they got rid of the maintenance guys)…etc...but really why is this accepted!?

I agree with a past post that if you speak your mind you become a target....but people speak up because they care for the place and do not want to see it go down....its our livelihood. When people speak up I fear it hurts the feelings of the new managers and they then claim your not a team player...but really, they that petty? When have feelings a place in a professional work environment?

Its also been stated that upper management should bring back the people that made us successful but where let go because they "hurt" the feeling of the new managers or targeted to blame because of mistakes on jobs that they where instructed to do from these very same managers. I believe we where better in the past then in our current state. We where also far more safety conscience before as well...I have seen LOTO violations from the new management and nothing is done about it....why?

What is so great about these new managers? What magical skillsets do they possess to allow us to achieve 50+? Where is this mentality coming from that allows a competent crew to be dismantled so that a weaker one can be put in place?

I can hear it now...."we had a great crew in the past"...why are we allowing that to be dismantled?

A really good point made by @38scz+16M9D41w. I thought more people should see it.

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Low standards, no integrity, no strategic plan for the future. (=) Disastrous outcome

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Very poor and inexperienced upper management. Only looking out for themselves. Lots of nepotism.

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Angrydog, did you actually read the post? It appears that whoever wrote this is still working there.

How are these rehashed comments?

How is Management concerned about how it looks?

If you place a generalized post like this without much substance...well its just a waste of space.

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All employees who have been layed off already , have been saying this for 2 years . This is not news . It’s re-hashed comments ..... Management is only concerned about how it looks , not how it actually is ....

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