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Baaa, baaa, - Goldman Sachs is full of Yes Men (and Women)

Just read all the negative news articles about the analysts slide deck asking to work only 80 hours a week and not 100. What a bunch of corporate sheep asking your masters if you can work only 80 hours this week. Don't you know how to say NO?! NO, you say NO! If that doesn't work, you say F— NO! Parents these days are raising a bunch of spineless sissies who can't stand up to people who are using and abusing them, sad! Learn to set some boundaries, if they fire you who cares, principles and values and your dignity should matter most.

It sounds like there needs to be a GLM movement - Goldman Lives' Matter because it sounds like modern day, corporate slavery. Yet, the Woke Left and Democrats won't ever stand up for Goldman employees, ever.

Move on, Sheep, to greener pastures!

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this is WHY GS and others want immigrant employees. If you sponsor their visa, automatically, you can pay them less. And courtesy of cultural/etc differences, you can work them to death and they will never even say a word.

Low testosterone men is the future of GS and wall st. It's so much easier for the bosses.

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I don't even work for Goldman Sachs and I 100% agree with you. No 80, No 100 hours of work a week for me. He-l NO!!!!!!! I hate the corporate world!!

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Yea but I signed up for this. IB is not easy and not for everyone. I do enjoy working on interesting deals though and my work matters. Input in the time now to get that golden ticket when I am older like 29

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