Thread regarding Ricoh layoffs

Imaging. Change. Ricoh out of print or not out of print? What is ricoh? Depends on where & who they're talking to.

Wait up... serious back pedaling. Ricoh not out of print, in fact there is an "expansion of print"... Bloomberg article was just a "misunderstanding" by the journalists covering event. Investment Analysts & even Industry Analysts have trouble understanding what ricoh is all about.
"maybe the first covering was n't all that familiar with ricoh or somebody that does n't know the the technology? Whatever the reason, they misunderstood..."
Whether you are an employee, customer, dealer, industry or investment analyst understanding ricoh is like trying to nail jelly to a tree because the definition is very situational. You want to placate investors? We're getting out of print. Talking to dealers? We're actually expanding print riding on the coat tails of (or vice versa) new direction, transformutatilating as a "Digital Services" company... The only consistency in ricoh over the last 15 years is its total lack of it. The mess of messaging seen in public is just a taste of the Mad Hatter Tea Party challenges internally.

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