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Anxiety levels?

I haven’t found another option but I still don't want to worry about what will happen when a new round of layoffs starts. Many of my colleagues were able to find another job, so I guess I will too.
I worried too much but realized it didn’t make sense anymore. Not worth worrying about things in advance. GM is just one big lesson for me in the future not to be blindly loyal to any company.

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20 years in GM and you don’t know how to write whether? Damn bro, seems like you were right about GM growing talented individuals that end up working somewhere else.

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Haha, GM doing another round of layoffs again?

GM is ONLY good at growing talented individuals, into talented individuals that eventually end up working elsewhere.

20 years at GM. I'm diamond hands golden, where I am today. You might ask me how I know. I know, because I worked at GM for 20 years, half dozen layoffs, and I know quality, when I see it. I've run the gambit all throughout GM. GM only pretends to be professional grade. You can repeat it how many times you'd like. It doesn't make it so.

Good luck.

I suppose this is about that time I would start worrying about weather I had a job in the future. But instead, I got not only a huge azz bonus, but a monster raise. Have fun at your gm (lower case).

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Not only prevent yourself from being loyal to any company, try to protect yourself with all racial, religion, disability ( including s–c-dal tendencies, psychopath, memory loss ) or veteran status, by a good lawyer.

For big three, it is worth it to be a psychopath.

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