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It’s Like an Asteroid

GE continues to look like an asteroid that is entering the atmosphere as it still burns through cash while cutting head count and dropping business segments. It has been shedding layer after layer and will likely soon disintegrate.
I keep hearing that big salary head count reductions are looming for Power in the North East this summer. Anyone out there dumb enough to still have any stock is crossing their fingers that worthless Schenectady will bare the brunt. Nothing left there but people who are too timid or too incompetent to go elsewhere.
GE is no longer viewed as a talent engine for industry. It’s just a welfare case full of incompetent and scared salary staff that are beholden to an ignorant, unskilled union work force.
I’m sure that there will be an uptick in absences over the next six weeks or so as union employees get their $1400 government welfare payment and spend it on d–gs, alcohol, and prostitutes while salary employees buy a few new interview suits that will ultimately make them appear even more desperate then they are.

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Most of the remaining real talent that was left in Power got let go in 2017-2018 because they were viewed as ‘high cost’. The rest left because they realized it was a matter of time. What remains are lower paid, less experienced staff that only know what they have learned at GE which is “we are the best, we know it all, nobody will ever be better, and everyone must be knocking down the door to work with us and our super amazing product”. The folks that are left are just realizing that GE Power and it’s generator technology have been surpassed by their competitors in terms of material technology, process engineering, and quality of management and strategic planning. The product is lackluster and to the posters point - Schenectady has been treated as a flag ship for years and only set an example for low expectations across the board.
Hope everyone has their Lean Six Sigma hats on!

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