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I am thinking Ricoh doesn’t even know how they are functioning as they move forward.

They seem to push all the motivated fantastic workers out the door and rely on mostly inefficient managers to pretend what they do counts.

Maybe spend a little money properly paying the known talent that they have and in the long run everyone would benefit there.

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A Ricoh salesman once told me to my face when we had a high end courier leave the company.

Ricoh doesn’t retain high end people we let them move on to Better jobs. We take in low end workers and train them.

I told him please don’t say that out loud. Some of these people are very proud of their jobs and accomplishments even if you are not.

That was the day I realized Ricoh is a shithole. Hope someone sues the living s–t out of them with all the bu—t they get away with.

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Ricoh has only one interest when it comes to employees: how cheaply can we pay them? Push the older, experienced, higher paid people out and bring in the noobs. When the noobs' pay/benefits hit a threshold, repeat previous step. The ones who are left are so bad (90% of them) that I would never even consider hiring them.

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ricoh has not wanted “fantastic” workers for a long time as higher tier talent costs money. Now they don’t even want subpar workers as they are going to a full on dealer model like xerox.

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