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3/21/21 and still laid off from MGM INTERNATIONAL

Does anyone have any idea when we will get to go back to work? I'm about to receive my last UI check/ payment this week. It will be empty and I have to file an extension I guess.

I've been laid off since this started in March 2020. I'm a full time bartender. Insurance is almost $1,300 now to keep for 2 months but the " super saver" thankfully , allows me to keep until the end off May. My mental and emotional status is about as low as it's ever been. I can't find a job anywhere so looks like in 2 months I'll be losing insurance as well. I just need to go back to work and talk to people , coworkers , feel like I have a purpose and a life again. Make money.

Ive lost everything this year! I was House hunting when this went down. Prequalified and looking for my dream home. Top of my game. I had a really nice savings account for the down payment. Everything is gone. Every last dollar!! I had saved up 30k. Our wonderful DETR/ UI agency gave me $270 a week when this first started. $270! I go from 40+ hours a week and tips to $270 a week. That didn't even cover my rent a month. I live week to week still .

Do you know how pathetic that feels? How defeated and sad?! No more house. No savings. No extra money for even gas sometimes. No friends anymore . No unemployment benefits anymore and pretty soon no insurance !

This is the first year my daughter got nothing for her birthday. Nothing. What mother does that. She understands and I've been able to get her a little something every week to make up for it.

How can MGM do this to us after this long. No wonder people are k–ling themselves. If I didn't have a kid I'd be dead. That's exactly how I feel. Trust me if I could get a job anywhere else (not even bartending ) I would. FML ! PS I'm sorry this is so negative and hostile. I'm venting. It's been the hardest year of my life and I can't even see the end. I need a job

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Just about the entire casino industry treats front line employees (and a lot of back of the house employees) like sh-t. They don't care about you. If Bill Hornbuckle can make an extra million dollars through laying off people like you so he can buy that 8th car or 6th house he is going to do it. Jim Murren was, and is, a complete as----e. He laid off so many people - look up MGM 2020 program. Funny thing is as soon as he got fired he put his house on the market and moved out of Las Vegas to NYC. Jimmy doesn't care about the people of LV. He fleeced LV and MGM for all he could and him and Heather (his wife) left. Funny thing is Jimmy snagged a $32 million dollar bonus before asking the government to bail out MGM. Las Vegas Sands has a dedicated department, called Business Process Integrity, that looks for ways they can cut back labor and lay people off through combining jobs, etc. You can look at what happend to you as a bad thing or a good thing. Have you thought about starting your own business? Maybe do a YouTube channel on how to make fancy cocktails and see how that pans out. Corporate America doesn't give a sh-t about anyone but those in upper management and those they have nepotism for. Caesars is just as bad as MGM.

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I think they are using the pandemic as an excuse to get rid of older staff members and higher pay jobs. They have no plans calling back good workers because they are so corrupt and can profit from outsourcing and not hiring full time workers and paying benefits. There true colors showed on how sh---y they have been to loyal employees during the pandemic. The real facts instead of bu-----t they pretend to do for media attention. Boycott mgm.

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