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HR Please stop all the Social Engineering - Do you think so little of Windstream employees?

I work at Windstream to make money as do 99.999% of the other Windstream employees, I do not work at Windstream so I can be Socially Engineered while my wages continue to fall against inflation. Tell us about raises in 2021 to inspire us to care and continue to work hard or please be quiet! Silence is Complicity I believe is the latest saying - quit being part of the problem!

Perhaps the majority of employees in Human Resources department harbor bigoted tendencies and the reason they feel this overwhelming need to push these agendas - if so seek help. But leave the rest of us that do not have such issues alone!

I have never worked for a company that lies and deceives the employee base to the extent that Windstream Leadership does.

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Diversity and inclusion, not at the top of the WS ladder. Gotta drop down several rungs to find all that.

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It's a top down issue. LR5 bankrupt the company. Board decides to hire lawyers and consultants and spend $100 million. Those "Subject matter experts" cite some previous court case and pay $30 million in retention bonuses to the LR5.

It's not an HR thing it's a leadership thing. Steal from the poor and give to the rich!
Remember all of those WIN shares we HAD to take in lieu of a REAL 401K?

  • and here we all are left holding the bag as the house of cards collapses. Some of us are in bigger markets and can get jobs elsewhere and other are stuck here.
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Same at M e t L i f e.

It's everywhere.

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