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The Real Culprit

You can blame current RSA management all you want. The real culprit for the death of a once cybersecurity name brand and icon is none other than Dell. They destroyed this company and then unstrapped the near dead, starving carcass off their backs and the rest is just as they say "Letting nature take it's course." Name one company Dell has acquired that hasn't died a slow death except VMware (and that was because they gained independence from Dell)?!

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This is very unfortunate. After 15 years at this place, I have slowly been losing confidence in the place I considered a home. The morale is at an all-time low. Most, if not all, have a foot out the door. If you don't, you were given a nice retention bonus in September to keep you around for at least 2 years. Which means it is only a matter of time for those to leave. Yearly reviews (and promotions and raises) were delayed again to "keep in alignment with the company". If you've been at RSA for over 5 years, this means that they have now delayed compensation cycles for over 2 years in total. When Dell bought EMC, it was delayed/frozen - then it was pushed to "be in alignment with Dell". Then when STG bought RSA, they were frozen and then delayed even further. Very unfortunate, and just makes me so sad. I think most are just tired of hearing the "just wait, it will get better" message that keeps getting preached. It's a healthy market out there in the cybersecurity/software/IT space, with a lot of opportunity - opportunity that STG cannot afford to compete with.

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Another major round of layoffs hit parts of Global Services, mostly Education Services but there are others hit as well. Just about everyone gone as they open new reqs for the same jobs overseas. Most Ed Services last day will be mid-February while a few are on a transitional team until end of April.

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