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Big cuts incoming

Big CUTS in the next 2 months, come March the buildings that were cleared out will continue to divest the campus.
What is to come is number reduction and decreased budgets for the next 4 year turnaround. The focus will be international sport and fashion a pure drifting away from american sports and culture. Cuts are coming and there is no works council to help USA employees remain in the brand. Kasper was famous for growing by cutting in his previous roles as well. NAM is not a priority as it was 6 years ago, NAM will be regional and not global priority and it will be a decade before there is a return to solidify the losses and direction of this brand. COVID19 will be partly blamed but leadership and the lack there of will be the result of misguided & mismanaged decisions for years to come. Just my opinion of course, 20+ years with the brand in all roles I've haven't seen things this gloomy for the extended period we are experiencing. Roles and people will change in the coming months, a nontraditional shift will come as a shock to most if you aren't prepared. Have a back up plan IMO, use your skillset and seek the anchor in your organization and have real conversations with them.

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Herzo decided to to move the entire global basketball business unit from Portland to Los Angeles. It seems to me like adidas wanted to fire the entire BU, but instead of doing that, they are forcing employees to move to LA with only a 15% "cost of labor" increase in pay, find another job at adidas or take severance...

A 15% pay increase from Portland to LA is a decrease in pay due to high cost-of-living in LA.

I have spoken to many people on the global basketball team and no one thinks it's a good idea and pretty much no one actually wants to move to LA.

I am positive this will be something the brand regrets, and they will move everyone back from LA to Portland in a few years OR they will just fire all the basketball employees in LA and rehire them again.

ALSO, there is a ton of research about the future of working/offices, etc., and everyone SMART is moving towards enabling longer-term remote jobs based on what happened with Covid. BUT bone-headed adidas thinks it's now time to force a move to LA... Another adidas decision that is 10 years behind everyone else. It is laughable at this point.

TERRIBLE leadership. adidas does not care one bit about its employees.

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