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Where to look?

I've been trying to find a new job and I even managed to get an offer from AT&T but I feel like I'd just be exchanging one bad situation for another if I accept. I've checked their page here and it seems they have much of the same issues as we do. The entire industry seems to be in the same sh– as we are. So where should I look then?

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Get an offer from AT&T you take it.
Disorganized may be a result of being to big.
They take care of you.
Great library to learn from.
A ton of resources.

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I worked at AT&T.
While they are big and have networks all over the place it makes things disorganized.
But they have a ton of resources and a huge library to learn from.

If you get an offer from them take it!
It looks great on a Resume.

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What about a small-town ILEC that's a coop or family-owned? They seem a lot more stable than the big telcos.

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Agree with others, move on. I left to a fortune 100 company that was considered on the rocks with things turning around in 2021. If there is an opportunity move on and give it a year. Try to learn and grow new skills. I was stuck in a rut having skills from the 90's and 00's and had to move on from ATM and TDM. I moved on because my new employer saw potential in me. I also moved on to better pay and benefits (30% raise).

I know people will always say "The grass isn't always greener" but it also becomes mental stress to your subconscious. Move on and have a fresh start life gets better.

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You got an offer from At&t?
Short answer, take it.

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I agree ATT is just as much a sh1thole as WS. If telecom is where you want to stay, look for the newest trend and migrate yourself towards a company going the same direction. I was at WS well over 20 years and knew it was time to bailout.

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