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Groundhogs Day

The groundhog saw its shadow. I guess we should expect a few more months of layoffs. This is the sh–tiest place I’ve ever worked. I hope I make the cut list.

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I thankfully left Unisys right before the pandemic. Unisys was by far the worst company I've worked for. And by far, I mean not even in the same category as other employers. I can't believe they haven't had legal action taken against them for some of the stunts they pull.

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Yes it is the worst place to work ever. Don't work for Indian owned contractors either.

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These kind of posts make me giggle.

OP seems to be under the impression that the only place layoffs and a c-appy culture exists is at Unisys.
OP, have you watched any news the past year? Are you under the impression that things are wonderful everywhere else?
Let me help you.

40 million are unemployed.
Food banks have mile long lines
"Tent Cities" are growing exponentially everywhere
Riots are commonplace

And your complaint is what again? Oh yes, a poor work environment. Well, no worries, once you lose your job and join the tens of millions of unemployed, lose your car and house, I have a feeling you might see things a tad different from that point on.

But of course, in your delusional mind, you'll easily find the perfect job, make more money, enjoy a blissful work environment, and live happily ever after.

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