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How many are already employed?

I'm wondering how many people who've been laid off in the last round have managed to find new positions already. I'm sure people here still talk with their former colleagues, can you tell us how they're doing? In case another round is coming, it'd be nice to know the situation is not as bleak as it seems.

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The 30 people on the layoff group, 60% found new jobs and a few have retired early. Most seem to have stayed in Salesforce and those who were made redundant found something already.

There are opportunities outside of the Blue Cloud, start your CV and ranch out your network.

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I know two folks from august - they’ve both gotten new roles. But they’re technical vs CS or sales, etc.

If you’re worried, start looking now:
1) Do you really want to stay at a company where you’re stressing about being laid off?
2) I have seen a lot of movement on LinkedIn with people (sales folks, mostly, then product owners & some CS) leaving SF proactively and getting better jobs.

I’m one of the “left proactively” people. My mgmt team set me up to be targeted in the next round of layoffs (like the person who responded in the firing folks vs layoffs thread said they do. That person is spot on - it’s exactly what happened to me.) I moved myself on - found a new job with better pay, more scope, no politics, low stress. Way better than gummy bears and cartoon characters.

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I know one person who's still looking. Not very helpful, I know.

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