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How is your store doing?

After the last round of layoffs I’m wondering how everyone’s store is doing? My location has seen a decrease in moral but a rise in workload. Not sure what the company’s plan is for the future, but so far it’s not looking good in my opinion. Chime in and let me know how everyone else is doing.

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So they told full timers "job was eliminated" & you will only get 12-24 hours if you stay as PT.
But 12-24 is not enough for insurance.
Corporate drinking their own Koolaid thinking they'd bring in part timers at minimum wage while companies are trying to attract new hires with more money/less demanding work. Hahaha... okay...sure
But new staff only stay a few weeks & oh wait you can keep insurance you had!
(remember in October you SIGNED up - CONTRACT for coverage)
as long as required hours are met (but we told you low number of PT hours hoping you would quit so we wouldn't have to pay insurance).
Does the company have a legal department to check itself or is it 1-800-wedoeslaw?

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After 6 years as a full time floor associate, I was unceremoniously told I had 2 weeks left. My job was eliminated.
I was told I could stay part time, 8-10 hours a week, no guarantees.
I opted for severance pay instead.
They just hired a bunch of part timers who don't care about the store, it's appearance, work ethic, etc.
There's no loyalty at Burlington, never was. Morale is low, but manager refuses to believe that. She'll do or say anything to try to convince people that everything is great, while ignoring the bad attitudes of her "pets" and using her passive aggressive behavior against the ones who see through her.

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So many are looking for other employment at real companies.

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Ever since the company opened competing stores within a few miles, our sales have gone downhill.
Now cutting full timers to part time without benefits but hiring less experienced outsiders is not "respectful" to loyal great performing employees. And that's not what they say to lure you into working there.
Mr. O'Sullivan's 2.0 plan needs a new handbook. 1 page:
We don't give a hoot about
employees, so incompetent
managers can do, say whatever
they want and mistreat
employees. We do not follow
any labor laws or our own
"company rule & ethics"
HQ is safe at home not responding to employees' needs while associates are exposed to and exposing Covid-19 among coworkers and the public.

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