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What is up with DNOW? Investors should be asking.....

Looks like they have completely gutted their sales and marketing groups. I hope there is a strategy here and not just mindless cost cutting because they have jettisoned their most experienced and loyal employees. Investors need to be asking what the sales strategy is going forward and what their plans are for improved market capture. This is unnerving from an investor standpoint.

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"Standing up our super centers" -and- "closing or downsizing" some of our remote locations.... Industry speak for moving to a "hub and spoke" distribution program. Historically, this has been tried and failed man times. The key to gaining market share is having the right product, in the right place, at the right time, for the right price. The more DNOW distances their product from their customer, the harder it is to provide the product and generate the sales / profit. It appears that DNOW wants to become the "" of distribution. Nice in theory, now let's see how consumers like waiting for their goods and services and paying more in shipping.

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