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Requiring Freelancers to Set Goals is Absurd

At this point, what functionally is the difference between a PBE ("project based employee" or freelancer or permalancer) and a staff employee? The only difference is a lack of benefits. What justification could there still be for misclassifying so many people other than naked greed and cost cutting?

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I’d kindly tell them to go f— themselves.

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yeah, its absurd, I do remember, many years ago, 2 walkouts happened at 1515 Viacom. that was in 2007 I think, that lead to some changes. I believe they were in process of taking away what little they were giving for "permalancers". I do believe there was a change, with healthcare benefits being offered. however, they started classifying a ton of jobs as cast and crew, PBE, ect shortly after that.

setting goals for people classified as PBE, cast and crew, ect is totally absurd, I had no idea they even participated in that.

that goal setting, as a full time staff employee was a farce when I was there. immediate supervisors/mangers would actually tells us what to put down. many times it was basically impossible to reach the goals. often used as a reason to give smaller merit raises. shortly before I gone, they stopped with emphasis on the whole goals thing. surprised they even still do it.

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