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How many will be laid off?

It’s a shame what Kroger who has posted record earnings during the pandemic is doing to their workers. I used to work at a store in Seattle and luckily I’m not there anymore. My former colleagues still work there and when I saw the news I was really shaken.
Is it possible that the company didn’t even say how many employees would be laid off and how many were relocated after stores closed in Seattle? How irresponsible!

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TONS are being laid off this week again all over Kroger and its other businesses'.
Do yourself a favor, find another company - Kroger will eat you up and spit you up. All the Group VPs can stick it.

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If you are over 50 - Start looking for a new job - Rodney is coming for it!

He has a bare-bones rule and he is taking a hatchet to all the small companies Kroger runs too. I think Rodney has a contract with the poisonous food manufactures, and has to keep all the worst food in the store. Better for the Pharm companies.

Kroger fires people like a bomb. No one's job is safe anymore - unless they are from Europe.

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Rodney’s pay jumps the last few years from $11.8 million to $14 million to $21 million, and Kroger says few stores can’t pay hazard pay. I don’t think so.

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