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Halliburton-Reduces-Overtime-Pay-Hours-for Frack, Heavy Duty Drivers-&-CDL Drivers; as of Jan 1,2021

Halliburton-on Frac-Heavy Duty & CDL Truck Drivers. What Halliburton is doing to us is cutting our shifts to mid week not Monday to Sunday any longer.

‘What’ By cutting pay to mid week after your 70 hrs-&-changing-to mid week pay periods - rather than 30 hrs over time per week your only getting 26 hrs overtime-in-a two week pay period. Yes Frac is getting ‘shaft’ once again by Halliburton; I’m looking elsewhere. πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

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Halliburton-executive’s pay 2018
Jeff Miller-$17 million; $11 mil was cash.
David Lesar-$17.300.000 million; $16mil cash.
Joe Rainey-$11 million; $6 mil was cash.

Halliburton-executive-pay 2019
Jeff Miller-$12 million; $6 mil was cash
David Lesar-$9 million; $4.5 mill was cash.
Joe Rainey-$8 million; 4 mil was cash.
πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆπŸ˜…πŸ™ˆπŸ˜…πŸ™ˆπŸ˜… (hilarious)

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I’m not a Gen-X/Boomer companyman. I’m a millennial who understands that we’re in a hyper-competitive shrinking oilfield service industry and all of us need to plan our careers around shorter and shallower commodity cycles. If you can make better money with better opportunities elsewhere, then you should totally do that. Not begrudging you doing what’s best for your family.

Just pointing out that in this last downturn where 70%+ of the workforce was laid off, pay and benefits were cut, don’t act surprised when your OT gets reduced to improve margins on sh–ty pricing. Operators are still paying like it’s $25 WTI and we have to make due with what the market will bear.

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  • Every other PSL did that years ago to cut OT. Get over yourself...........

What you timers don’t understand especially you Baby Boomers & Gen X’s is our generation & way younger than - most of you don’t give up our lives-to-just work & eat.

And Since-CO’s like Halliburton have chosen to reduce pay & overtime pay; there’s other Companies & Opportunities; don’t see Big Red changing-pay in futureβ€”once a benefit is taken awayβ€”your not seeing-it come back..

Unfortunately for Big Red Machine-they-need people of our age & generation to keep the Machine operating & sticking straws in the ground.

You experienced ‘timers’ are going to be replaced & it won’t be our generation ‘given’ our life’s as you did to keep feeding the Big Red Machine.

That is why we need a Union in Oil Field Operations like Pipe Line Worker's TWC of America.

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It's another funny money accounting scheme to reduce your overtime pay. Get use to it. You trade your time for Halliburton money.

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‘No’ Halliburton-Insider; I’ll get over Halliburton.

At 28 years old with 4 year Business Degree & 2 yrs oil field experience-there are many opportunities out here that ‘inside-lifer-Halliburton’ like yourself doesn’t have opportunity to experience because your ‘trapped’ inside the Big Red ‘grinder’

Keep at it Grandpa-&-maybe some day you’ll also get that gold retirement watch; ‘doubt it’ because Halliburton will have another layoff down the road.

People my age are not looking to Oil Service Company’s as a place to spend 70 hrs per wk working at & not have a life especially after Halliburton cut overtime payouts as they have. πŸ™ƒπŸ™ˆπŸ™ƒ

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Every other PSL did that years ago to cut OT. Get over yourself.

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