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Not a good fit

For years I’ve believed my position at Burlington meant something and that I fit perfectly within the company. As time passed I started to realize employees are nothing but a number, easily replaced without a second thought. Now here I am more than 5 years later and I’m trying to get out. Anything would be better than working for a company that prioritizes the almighty dollar over their own employees - the very ones who make the money for them.

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Amen! After 6 years, my full time position was suddenly eliminated.
I always knew I was just a number, but worked my butt off to keep my department clean and organized, to give the best customer service I could, to show up for every shift on time, to help fellow associates in any capacity that I could.
Turns out it was for nothing...

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Not all retail is like Burlington. Tjmaxx and sister stores have rules to comply with labor laws. You might get a bad manager elsewhere but companies are aware of your rights and social media is too valuable to let bad managers get away with bad behavior.
Not Burlington Stores. They treat employees like school children with juvenile recognition - might as well give employees gold star stickers - never monetary rewards like merit raises. Bad managers don't know what merit raises are. HR grades managers by breakroom decorations over "Did staff get all required breaks?" "Did you humiliate or unnecessarily scream at staff today?" "s-xual harassment today?" "Time clock working?"
Company needs to be investigated ASAP!!!!
NOT A GOOD FIT, Move on to better things that you deserve.

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Good advice. Retail as well as fast food is all unskilled labor.

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Try McDonalds or Burger King, they might be better than Burlington.

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