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After reading alot of negative reviews about bad managers, bad products and horrible work ethic. I was wondering why Ricoh don't have a union

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The problem becomes that everyone is scattered across the country, so each branch or area would have to declare and call for a vote individually. It would be hard for anyone to try an put together a national effort as no one has anyway to communicate with a large block of techs at the same time. Most tech are either apathetic, fear a backlash or had a bad union experience in the past. They would rather just complain about it, but fear losing their job even more than working conditions.
A few years back I think it was Toledo that voted to organize a union. The union rep told them that by voting in the union they would get higher pay, more benefits and improved working conditions. Of course they left out the part of all those better things would have to be negotiated and agreed to by the company. In the mean time everything was frozen. This d–g on for months in which time the company gave raises and rolled out a new bonus plan for everyone except the union shop. They decertified shortly after
The company will do what ever they need to do to keep out the union. They know about all the union employee can do is to go on strike which means no pay check. In that situation the company could hire replacement workers. Most likely though they would just close the branch and move the base to the dealers.

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Excellent question! It came up previously on this site in September (link below) Did nt seem to find traction years back but given the situation now...

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