Thread regarding Shell Oil layoffs

Shell no longer recognizes or does not need talent?

I wonder if managers even bother to identify the right talent that meets Shell's goals?

I know a great young guy who has not been in the company for a long time but whose talent simply does not come to the fore. His talent is literally declining here.
It seems to me that this could not have happened in Shell that once was, although there have been many skilled people before who could not realize their full potential due to those with mediocre skills who simply knew how to sell themselves better.

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The place feels dead. Expat managers only worry about their next job, everything else be damned. Any technical succession planning is not even on the radar.

I cannot see that there is a way to rebuild things. You would have to purge 80% of the current leadership, which is impossible. The ship must sink, and will sink!

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They used to have great people. The company lost a lot of spirit many years ago.

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Are you that great young guy OP? I do not know anyone in the organization that recognizes talent in other people anymore.

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It was a rest and vest company. Now it’s a rest and vest company trying to pivot and act like a start up but all the senior managers and mid level managers are still resting and vesting.

Talent never really matter in terms of new hire. They just had to look good on paper and know what corporate buzzwords and catch phrases to say to get in. Then it’s all about pleasing managers to get good end of year reviews.

How do you expect to attract top talent when there’s no career progression in this economy and the only thing they can see are letter grades continue to get promoted and taking expat packages moving to new jobs when they have spent less than 3 years in their current job? They’re told by their managers to “hang in there” and “your time will come” but what they really hear is “No. We won’t let you progress because of (insert BS reason here)”

They crave the old days when there were more expat opportunities and opportunities to travel and work in other countries. Now all they get is the older generation telling them how great it was “back in the day”. I get sick everytime I hear some manager talk about that time they had a role in The Hague or Alberta or Singapore or Qatar and how it was a great experience.

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