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How to make IT support more efficient?

Someone mentioned that thanks to his long career here, he knew who the right person was to call to bypass the inefficient Help Desk.
I haven’t really spent that much time here to know how to get around them, but I wonder if there’s any chance of IT support being more effective? I would also like to know from their perspective what is holding them back and making them sluggish.

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Original Poster: That was pretty funny ... "make it more efficient..." No offense meant to you.

Why in today's day and age Collins was leasing computers with MECHANICAL drives when solid state drives are so cheap, is beyond any logical thinking. The primary reason for the slow computer boot up times is the drives they are using. Someone else had posted about that earlier in here, and he/she was 100 percent on the mark.

It's pretty obvious what Collins thinks of it's employees between how super restrictive the Internet connection is, the overzealous USB encryption restrictions, the way they outsource their IT, and so forth and so on. I hate to tell you, but they don't respect you or take your valid concerns to mind. That goes from the employees on the floor, to the department managers, up to the site managers. When it comes to the computer network and how things are run they are using the old school 'Ivory Tower' approach.

If they actually cared, you wouldn't be waiting for literally over 15 minutes PER REBOOT following a Windows update on a Desktop computer. If memory serves one contractor got so fed up with this, that he started replacing old mechanical drives with solid state drives (at his own expense)... and know something? It worked! Desktop computers 5 and more years old were faster then the brand new out of the box stuff Collins was leasing as of last year.

When Collins eliminated the contract they eliminated him along with the hundreds of other technicians doing onsite support across the USA. What they should of done was brought him in house.

It was this mindset that took IBM down, and ultimately will take Collins down. Even Bill Gates cautioned about this mindset in his book 'The Road Ahead' two decades ago now. It prevents corporate growth and change in a world where intelligent change is so crucial, or you get left behind.

I'm no longer with Collins IT and I'm glad for that. Those of us that tried to caution the Collins behemoth in regards to this stuff were sternly chastised and/or pushed out.

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Bean counting. Its that simple.

By slashing in-house IT support, and using external (contract) labor to be the first line of support, its cheaper up-front to the company. And that is all the bean counters see. They don't see the cost of engineering labor lost to the helpless desk; the hours of straight up down time because you are unable to do your job.

Its the same reason why off-shore labor is utilized.... like China and India for some tasks; the labor is cheaper. But what is lost in numbers is the time-zone issue, and hours lost because if questions come up, the time lag to see them, then the time lag for the response to get acted on.

When they finally realize that there is no actual savings from either one of those, they can get back to actually raising efficiency instead of using accounting tricks to make it seem more efficient.

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