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Any thoughts on what can we expect now that the new head of AWS has arrived?

“It will be important to watch Selipsky’s strategic moves to match AWS ’pace with Azure, and even Google Cloud’s upward momentum”


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To early to tell. I hope he shakes things up, too many executives coasting off the early days of cloud. Selling servers and storage was a very simple proposition, just go ask Dell, Intel, and EMC.

AWS needs different leaders, ones with the battle scars from competing tooth and nail, no more of this fluffy, passive-aggressive clowns where they redefine the acronym, AWS, into “A–holes With Stock”. AWS needs leadership who understands writing documents isn’t necessary because no one wants to read them and the information gets lost into the digital wasteland. Competition knows our MVP strategy and will continue to innovate faster because they don’t employ a 2-pizza system. AWS should acquire more companies instead of trying to copy copyrighted material and abusing GPL. Focus on making AWS so simple to use a 5 year old can set something up - the art is simplifying the complex and that is true intellect. Lastly, the bee CEO should read the latest topics on this forum instead of relying on rolled up information. He’s from Tableau and should understand the value if interpreting raw data.

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