Thread regarding Komatsu Mining Corp (formerly Joy Global Inc.) layoffs

Komatsu Adapting Longwall Business to Best Meet Customer Needs

This change will layoff / make redundant over 300 people in the UK. All of this because of management inadequacies, the company has
Stood still while the competition has overtook them and eventually left them in its wake.

So sad to see so many fallen heroes will be out of work soon due to incompetence people steering the ship.

Redundancies coming September - December 2021.

Joy global PRS/ AFC UK RIP

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What level did he get to on candy crush?

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Questions remain unanswered.

When will we go? Nobody knows

I got bills to pay Komatsu.

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This was predicted in 2009

“Without doubt there is a longer term move away from fossil fuels to generate energy which is going to cause difficulties for companies that are heavily involved in the coal industry,” said Mr Foster.

But that said it could of been avoided so
soon had the company had some clear leadership and direction in the UK.

It looks like they were all just waiting for this day..

I am sure a lot of people will appreciate being out of work during an economic crash and pandemic.

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How these people gonna feed their families?

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Product director was too busy playing candy crush I heard.

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