Thread regarding Nordstrom layoffs

They complain about the job but they do everything to keep it?

I’m getting sick of people telling me they hate this company and have an urge to quit the job, but when you see them working, they work more than ever with the hope of keeping the job.
I do not condemn anyone, of course it is normal for everyone to fight for their existence, but in the end such people seem to me as if they would like to totally demoralize me with their story so that I can leave and thus increase their chances of staying.
Maybe my post is too harsh, but those are some of my daily observations.

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How do you know it’s a guy that posted?

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Stockholm? We are in Seattle, give this guy a map

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Great post! Please post your name, you deserve a promotion or a discount coupon. It’s Friday, post this again on Monday when we need encouragement aka kool aid more.

Thank you!

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