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GE is Great - Stop Complaining

GE is a great place to work and I’m lucky to be here. They invest in their people and the newest technology to stay relevant. Fantastic benefits, top pay, world class leaders, and transparent communication throughout the organization.
GE is doing really good right now and no layoffs are going to happen in Power so people should stop spreading rumors and bad will. People need to realize that Powers performance is going to improve BIG time in 2021 and 2022. Whether your management or hourly you need to get behind it!

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Must be some good smoke going around on break time. Or this cat is delirious

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Wow, you id--ts have it all and you’re still ungrateful! I can’t get a job at GE power in Houston and I have a proven project delivery history and front line leadership experience.

If you can’t add any good then leave. Otherwise you’re just chicken.

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Before I was hired in the Schenectady Bar Shop I was running the fryer at the Erie Blvd. Burger King. When I started at Schenectady I was worried that I wouldnt be able to catch on fast enough or understand the supposedly complex work.Scary thing is that now that I’m here, I have realized that I’m above average and that GE really stand for “good enough” because that is how quality is treated by most of us here.
Schenectady is a terrible place to work. I’m planning to leave in April if I get this job over at Jersey Mike’s making subs. They’re starting me at $15 an hour. Almost what I make a GE. A place that my parents generation thought of as a once in a life time employment opportunity is now a joke - bad pay, bad benefits, no real training, no path for gaining technical skills, and no respect for the plant or product.
I’ll have move respect for my self serving over priced sandwiches to Schenectady's h–kers and corrupt police than working here.
The only thing more depressing than my future is listening to lunch conversation in the GE cafeteria.
Best wishes -

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I hate Schenectady so much. I wish it would get its act together but I doubt it ever will. It makes me wonder if this place ever had its act together. The stories I've heard sound like the best is behind us. I hope the reality is that things were worse back then and everybody was just too ignorant to realize it. Like the saying goes, "Ignorance is Bliss". Hopefully things are just the same only now most of us are smart enough to realize just how messed up it truly is. I never feel good about coming in and always wish I had a better place to go instead. Schenectady is a desert for opportunity. When I leave it's a feeling of relief but then the realization that I will have to return settles in and the dread returns. The only people enjoying their time here are the ones creating the despair.

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