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Amazon LP decoder ring

Customer Obsession: the default response when someone is debating you and wants you to shut up

Ownership: something your manager says when they don’t want to do something

Invent and Simplify: a way of telling someone to work hard on something that’s known to be broken

Are Right, A Lot: a way to make people feel good about themselves

Learn and Be Curious: helicopter parenting

Hire and Develop the Best: a captain obvious principle

Insist on the Highest Standards: another way of saying “do it better”

Think Big: a way of wasting your time thinking about something that will never happen

Bias for Action: a way to point fingers at those people who are NOT doing your job

Frugality: this only applies to L6’s and below

Earn Trust: an LP designed to initiate other LP’s

Dive Deep: a good one but falls into captain obvious bucket

Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit: the translation is “silently have a backbone, silently disagree and commit verbally”

Deliver Results: aka - do your job

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It's repeated terminology to try and impress senior management. If you repeat a lie long enough it becomes a truth

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Dive Deep: another way to tell people to find additional data that either doesn’t exist, exists but no one knows where, exists but people don’t want to tell you, or when you enact “bias for action” by sending polls and EVERYONE ignores it.

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