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Leave Indiana and don't ever, ever, ever look back.

Guys -

There's a big world out there, stocked high with a wide variety of opportunities.

Do you really want to look back at your life and realize how much of it you wasted in a middle American wasteland?

Do you really want your highest and lowest points in your life to spent in Indiana?

Do you really want to die in Indiana?

I left years ago, and have basically never been back since. I can tell you that it was the best decision I ever made.

F— Indiana, and f— Cummins.

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I also wasted 16 years of my life there but did not realize it until I was "laid off" in December 2016. It is easy to get complacent there and not realize that the decent pay that you accepted when you were hired there never ever increases and everyone in the industry outside of Cummins is making a lot more than you. If you are a "good boy" and get your 2s on forced ranking, you are granted your yearly cost of living increase, but if business is bad, you don't even get that and start falling behind your counterparts in other parts of the industry. I am now making ~31 percent more than I was making at Cummins, have a yearly COLA adjustment that is virtually guaranteed and raises commensurate with job performance.

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I totally agree with your sentiment about leaving Cummins. I wasted 16 years there, but didn’t realize it was a waste until I moved on. We all know the b—s— involved with Cummins; it’s all listed in these threads. Rolls Royce North America in Indy, and has several Engineers, Senior Level Management, IT and Executive level positions filled by people who chose to leave Cummins over the years. Life is great at Rolls Royce Aerospace! Apply today.

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