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How busy are you?

My schedule is so busy and I am so tired after work that I don't even get enough time to rest.
When I talk to others, some say that their schedule is not busy at all and that they work at a very relaxed pace.
I would not say that I do not know how to organize the workflow efficiently, but rather that the amount of work is unevenly distributed.
What is your situation like?

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There’s an old management saying that goes; if you have a good horse you ride it. That means the hard workers just get more work. This company has proven this is true, and with zero raises or promotions, they’ve doubled down. So OP, in short you’ve been played, you are being exploited. Anywhere else the company would reward your contributions, not here! But rest assured we slackers will continue to put on a good show while collecting our pay. We will stick it to the man while hardworking folks like yourself wise up to the game!

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I used to be in Client Services. The secretary would come knock on the bathroom door and tell me I had client calls. And I was never in the bathroom longer than 10 minutes. Only took my vacation the last 2 weeks of each year when clients were off. Worked 9 to 10 hours days and travelled on my own time, never during 8 to 5 on workdays. I left and went to a competitor of DST and they loved me as I helped them develop competitive systems. I was treated like Gold and never over worked. Everyone knows DST is a sweatshop, dont act surprised!

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