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Your all doing well but...., we heard all this from Mike 1

Another thank you email from Mike, thanks for the progress, were doing well, sieze the market, up the stack, surveys, communication, all doing well through covid brilliant service, new finance year.

Heard it all before, Sounds no different to Mike 1 who ran off with millions in pay.

At a time when companies are rewarding their staff, we get a deafening silence on the main issue.
nothing mentioned on pay raises , so we move into another financial year but no pay raise for the last financial year.

Different Mike same outputs unfortunately.

Why didn't you give us some news on pay Mike?

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All you people waiting to be WFR's , please leave! We have work to do and don't need your sorry a$$. We in the US get a MAX of 8 weeks so it's nothing to look forward too. Heck we can take 8 weeks with pay if the manager approves our vacation (in 10 day chunks).

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To be fair the timeline for FPRs & scores including changes from on high to fit whatever curve senior leadership believe in this week are published, and pay review timescales communicated too.

However everyone getting a pay review is not the same as everyone getting a reward.
And even those lucky few who get a reward are not promised a meaningful reward. The reward pot could be spread so thin that it's like the old days of fractions of 1 percent, which as we all know is still a pay cut even if leadership say otherwise.

Remember it's not what we think it's what they can say in townhalls and to analysts, yes there were pay rises and we've addressed staff survey. They'll then act all hurt and surprised when next survey results are worse.

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Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed. DXC is circling the drain. Its just a matter of time when the tub is empty. Don't fall for the fake promises again.

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Agree - @doe+1a85ZN7M there would be more pay to hard working technical people if new Mikey' gets his ^&^&& into gear and remove all the layers of ineffectual management from the company (saving the company itself and also $$$)

Likely that at moment Mikey 2 = Mikey 1 and only the top will get a decent pay raise, others may be lucky and get a WFR.

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DXC past behavior on pay increases is a good indicator of how DXC will approach pays rises this year;

  • they will not be across the board they will be given to employees who the manager likes or are seen as a significant flight risk (probably both)
  • they will be very targeted and very small ( 3%)
  • many employees that are benchmarked at the top of their banding regardless of performance will be ineligible
  • there will be lots of confusion and delay in completing the process. whilst DXC is a master of the WFR process its machinery for giving pay rises is very rusty due to usage

My advice is do not wait around for DXC to throw you a few crumbs from the top what you can to get a WFR or if this is a practical impossibility take your skills to an org that respects you and pays for them

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It already was said that some would get pay rasies and we wouldn't see the money till August.

Your BU had to do well before your review would even be looked at. It would be nice to know how much was budgeted across BU's and locations for pay increases.

A normal company has that already budgeted and relayed down to managers and they review and give the pay increase at the same time. DXC has people managers that are not involved day to day with the people they manage and need to wait till they review everyone and then some mysterious process is used to hand out pay increases

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What if the annual email was replaced using a bot email agent,

Could add in the extra line of code to include the word "Pay Raise".

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