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New fiscal year

Do you expect Lenovo to surpass the best performance in history it achieved in the previous fiscal year?
What do you expect in the field of innovative products and solutions, will there be more? Can progress in smart transformation be even greater?
It seems to me that things are set up very well now and that more progress can be expected, but I don’t know if we will be equivalently rewarded for the success of this company?

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How much did Lenovo and the other PC makers benefit from the "Work From Home" and "Remote Learning" trend from the coronavirus? Those consumers and businesses will likely not need to replace those recent purchases this year.

What about the Lenovo's alleged association with Hefei Bitland's use of forced labor of the Uighur minorities in China? H&M, Nike, and other companies have voiced their opinions on this.

What about the current trend of "Asian Hate" going on? How far will those people and companies go on their blind hatred of Asian people and things they associate with China? They associate ALL Asians as being the source of the coronavirus.

These are some of the challenges Lenovo must face this year.

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did you mean to say profit or revenue? also how is the pcon on server group? how far from break even ? (that's one bit that usually isn't in the cheerleading memo)

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  1. 4 billion USD profit for the year.

Obviously the culture doesn't work.

Copywrite spadecaller.

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Let us not annoy that poor American spadecaller and get some factual numbers on the board.

Lenovo company is having a record breaking financial year beyond anything forecast. Selling out of every product in every segment in every geo.

Lenovo could be number 1 in USA next year.

And here is the thing. The products across the board are best in class. Fact.

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