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Volterra acquisition

Any idea how this volterra will augment f5? Half a billion is a lot of money!
30% of my team has left in the last one year because of low TC. Management should look at taking care of existing employees before spending big bucks on dreamy acquisitions.

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We feel bad writing this on an anonymous forum but we fear backlash doing this in the organization - especially having worked in this company, for many years now.

How can one effectively collaborate with someone as senior as HN, despite their caustic, opinionated, and boorish behavior? HN dominates conversations with a "my way or the highway" approach, leaving no space for dialogue and learning. As a result, individuals, including product teams and senior managers, often feel intimidated and resort to appeasement.

When HN is present in meetings, individuals may refrain from speaking, fearing potential chiding from HN, even for simple opinions.

Unfortunately, HN's rude comments discourage learning and growth, creating an unwelcoming environment for those looking to contribute.

It is unclear what HR is doing to address this issue. It is surprising that despite the big talk about employee well-being and development, everyone turns a blind eye to HN's behavior. Although HN is really good, the negative attitude overwhelms the positives.

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They're doing the right thing by leaving.

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