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Have Lowe's employees decided to revolt against customers?

Local store: Gaming the phone system with selective holds/drops/false-transfers. Lying about services' availability. Even Corporate is participating by telling customers on the 800 line to check their available hours on the Contact Us page, for which there are no hours listed! This is a great strategy in handing your customers over to Home Depot and others. This corporation puts the "Inc." in INCOMPETENT.

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Cause and effect. We live in an age of anti-reason! If an employee is placed in a hostile environment, where it is IMPOSSIBLE to do what is asked of them, then they will be forced to do something. Like hide, or shirk. Im not condoning this, but understand it all.

I am asked to perform miracles. A good employee with great work ethic will try his or her best. At first! But soon get hurt, under-appreciated, or just plain fed-up! They will then have to make changes.

I go BEYOND. Daily. And the thanks I get is MORE work, ungrateful customers who file complaints unjustly, employees who shirk off at every chance, and more. Its too damn much!!

We have LSR, IRP, E-velocity, DSSR, return carts, coverage for other depts, employees to monitor constantly, call outs, customers, work lists, and 10 other managers telling us what to do. ITS INSANITY!!!!!!

The only LOGICAL solution is.... LET IT ALL FAIL!!!!!

Stop making corp big sjhots look good by making numbers. Force change by allowing the ridiculous policies to crash and burn.

Do your job. Do it well. But thats it!!!

What corp expects from us, and I mean store manager on down to csa, is unrealistic, hostile, unreasonable, and ridiculous. STOP DOING IT.

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To many customer service hotties are trying to work them selves up the local corporate ladder. Look at all the scheduling personal they are all beautiful women. Hard work pays off!

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I don’t answer the phone. To he-l with the internet jacks as--s and corporate do nothings. CPO: worthless. Customer Care: North Carolina numb skulls. Internet:sc--w them, should have come to the store.Third Party: a joke. Don’t answer!!

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Well it is somewhat comforting to see that it isn't just my store that is drowning with our new "less is better" corporate philosophy. I am a long time appliance specialist that oftentimes spends at least half of my day putting out customer care dumpster fires. And trust me that is not an exaggeration. The typical customer care conversation starts with the customer stating "I was told to ask for ". Many times the customer will also drop either the DS or ASM name and state that they were supposed to take care of their problem but either failed to do so and/or never calls them back (neither of which comes as a surprise to me). Keep looking at my job description for where it also states DS and ASM responsibilities but I guess since you can almost never find one of them then tag your it.

Particularly enjoy the new norm of "online shopping" customers that are constantly calling the stores with questions and/or problems and feel that they are somehow entitled to immediately advance to the front of the line and ahead of all the other in-store customers that you are already waiting on. God forbid you refer them to the corporate customer care line as their retort is usually they started with them and were told that they needed to "call the store". Combine that with the never ending stream of XDT (aka express cross-dock delivery terminal) and/or XPO (3rd party delivery) complaints, internet order complaints (that oftentimes have NOTHING to do with the particular store that they are calling), CPO (central production office) calls, customer calls requesting updates on their overdue items (which necessitates yet another call of unknown duration to the vendor), calls from other stores in a futile attempt to ICB the one out of stock item that Genesis says you have but is already committed to a Sterling sale, etc... and you can easily spend half a shift just dealing with phone calls. AT SOME POINT YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO STOP ANSWERING THE PHONE OR YOUR IN-STORE CUSTOMERS WILL GET UNDERSTANDABLY FED UP AND WALK OUT!

Had a customer say to me "I don't know how you do it" after they witnessed me juggling multiple customers and phone calls while also taking care of their needs. My response was that "I am doing the best I can". And lets not forget when we are not with the never ending stream of in-store customers we still have all the in-store tasking to do (DSHR, IRP's, residual freight, IMS tasks, details, staging product, downstocking, zone recovery, display maintenance, etc). Add to that the massive pay cut I personally experienced (about 20%) when the allowance was removed (my base pay is now less than 10% more than some of the new hires) and the fact that I have little hope of bonusing (due to the perpetual appliance out-of-stocks plus specialists no longer qualifying for the "Winning Together" bonus) and it simply is no longer worth it to stay on at Lowe's. I wish you all well but at some point you have to be a glutton for punishment to stay on.

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Have 20 people physically in the store needing immediate assistance while getting phone calls for complex issues / delivery problems / complaints. It's almost never a phone call for a sale.

You are the only one in multiple departments as well.

Just keep paging appliances 6100,6101,6102...I'm sure it will work out.

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What employees?? The ones they let go doing away with jobs, the ones that get a 5-10 cent yearly raise if that, the ones they overwork and never get 2 days off in a row or a weekend off in 2 months to even have a life outside lowes, maybe the ones they say they hire that works 8 hours a week, maybe your talking about managers because thats about all that's left anymore, what employees? Who's going to take care of all these masses of customers? What one person covering multiple departments daily, up to there elbows in physical customers, who can tackle all that? Lowes screws there employees therefore there customers.

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