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Dril-Quip prevails in Non-orienting Subsea Tree IP lawsuit

No wonder, what jury is going to find a former FMC employee guilty of bringing design documents with him, when affidavits showing pretty much the entire FMC subsea technical community signed affidavits saying this novel tree design was too risky, and wanted no part of it. One FMC technical leader called it a 'Mad Max' design, whatever that translates to in Scottish.

I'm sure the FMC CEO is fuming about his technical management allowing this to happen, and the sloppy exit interview. It was revealed in the exist interview Felt told this employee 'he'd better stay away from subsea trees, going forward'. Yeah right, I'm sure had the employee shaking in his boots, what a joke.

Pferdihurty should fire Felt, Couto, MacFarlane, Tierney, Gatherar and the HR manager that conducted the exit interview, as well as anyone left over from the Bartlett clan, including Waggoner-Wick.

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I don't think that was the case, it would seem that they already had the truly novel design in prototype form before ex fmc hired on. I am just surprised that we dug our heels in with respect to the value that such a design might offer a customer.

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It’s a little more complicated than that. The DQ patent was very conceptual, and many critical details had not been developed at that point. It was only when the ex-FMC employee arrived at DQ did the details morph into what this employee was working on at FMC, no coincidence. It is laughable that DQ contended he did not finish their VXTe design, they stated he did not even work on the project.
But the end, the DQ attorneys ‘out-gunned’ the FMC attorneys, and the FMC technical community affidavits ‘deep-sixed’ any belief that FMC cared about this project.

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Not to mention the fact that apparently Dril-quip had the design before he even showed up. Really telling when FMC technical indicate the need for two more additional years on the development.

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