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I thought it was amazing that our leadership went on the low down to give everyone the email address to forward communication to them anonymously so that they could stop all the extra double triple quadruple emails that we receive on a daily basis. Now if they could do this with the teams AP would be just as good.

A few months ago they even came on lowdown and explained that all the extra curricular activities to go away. They wanted all the extra spreadsheets / collectibles / personnel made up programs to GO AWAY - some are using this email site to send the made up programs to them. LMAO !!!!!

Conference call after conference call - we must have 7-8 CC a week for almost every entity of the business. I think it's awesome leadership is taking the lack of customer service seriously because of these made up programs that some keep trying to enforce associates to do. We keep following the made up programs instead of doing what Lowes has hired us to do in fear of retaliation by being held accountable.

The added stress of these made up programs is ridiculous. IF leadership would all get on the same page and follow the LOWES program, on which the company was built, we could all be successful in our jobs.

But in the meantime I will follow whatever it is that keeps me from being fired.

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Couldn't have said this any better spot on. Those programs are always coming from leadership above the store manager. I know this because he tells me so. All my store manager wants to do is teach train mentor people but I can see the amount of stress on them when they talk about what the market manager is insisting they do outside of daily business.

Ds managers are feeling the pressure and it shows. Look at the VOC / LTR scores - associates are feeling the stress and it's spilling over to the customer. Shame !

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