Thread regarding Lenovo layoffs

Year over year compares

The year over year compares will stink this year
Plus an odd numbered year ( no major elections )
will mean extra layoffs this year

Update the resume. DCG in the US will be gone
By end of summer

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Just got off the ISG ( was DCG) biweekly internal All- Hands call led by the guy with the British accent who still needs a haircut. He was exalting the FY21 results across the board and stated this was the first time EVER that DCG had overachieved their numbers/budget. Blah blah blah.
Never mentioned that he did it on the backs of his people who were forced to take on extra workload as he deliberately left open positions UNfilled. And what about the $$ they saved due to Covid restrictions? No travel certainly helped improve the bottom line expenses.
The folks getting bonuses are thrilled with the large payouts. The Field Sellers are saddled with huge quotas snd attainment overall is averaging below 60%... But he-l- the reporting is so inaccurate that who knows what we really booked and if it the right sellers got paid on it.
Unless you’re in the Brits special “inner circle “ - and bow down to his every word- it’s time to go. Or pray you find a position in a different org outside his reach.

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I have ZERO sympathy for anyone that remained in their server organization. Many stay out of fear of finding another job. Many stay thinking they are protected. Although no company will say it, but having a dead company on your resume is not he most positive. They question why someone would go through that type of misery and question what they really have to offer.

For me it was an awakening being laid off. Best thing in the world to have ever happened. It opened my eyes to what was truly important (family and life). I had no path to retirement in 15 years if I was even lucky enough to remain there. I would have probably died from the stress and unhealthy environment: physically, emotionally, and mentally. Landing a new job that has incredible benefits and a clear path to retirement was the biggest relief. Work 12 years to get a pension worth $600k (FV), the same 401k match, healthcare that is far more affordable, and all this with a 20% reduction in pay. I take home more money with the pay reduction and I am even more healthy because of it.

Apple is another factor in the RTP area. No, tech companies are not going to compete with their salaries. They are going to use it as an excuse to get rid of more RTP employees across the board. Move those jobs to China and pump out even worse products. Because I can't tell people not to buy Lenovo, I tell them that "I personally would not buy a Lenovo product". They can interpret that any way they want. And the ones that did have told me it was the worst computer they ever owned.

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They are .... really pulling the plug on dee see gee morris. whole hog? Does that mean everyone trained an offshore replacement already? Just seems hard to believe is all, just sayin

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