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Dealing with micromanagement?

I am exposed to incredible micromanagement. Although I have been in this business for a very long time and I think I have a lot of experience, I am micromanaged to the maximum.
This creates huge stress for me, and as a result, negatively impacts my productivity. My manager just doesn’t seem to be aware of how much of a negative impact that has.

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So what are you doing here loser?

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Ahahahaha! Wasting my life? Sitting on a stunning beach just yards from my condo overlooking stunning scenery and living on the worlds finest food and drink (pork and alcohol aplenty).... all paid for by you inept ret@rds.

Magnificent. Absolutely magnificent fleeced you for years, doing practically nothing yet still showing you mong$ up as being lazy was so satisfying.

Almost as satisfying as watching you all scurry to blame others for your years of ineptitude and impending demise.

Still, can’t hang around here pointing out your sheer stupidity all day, Theres beer to drink and fishing to do done.

Keep swallowing the bullsh1t they feed you, there’s a good minion!

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A lot of loud-mouthed US expats need to be babysat to make sure they are actually working, not just talking about work. Has anyone ever seen their PowerPoint Plans actually implemented….nahaaa?

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Oh Goergy, so bitter you got fired. Booohooo. Yet you continue to come back to this site even though you are no longer with the company. You must be living a fulfilling life in the West then. Wasting your life away on this site. Loser. No wonder you got the boot.

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All management in the company are the same, inept beyond compare and stupid beyond belief.
Not one of them has a clue how to “manage” and use the expats around them as objects of blame.
They lie constantly and when found out blame shift on to anyone around them.
It’s truly magical to watch, especially when you roll a proverbial hand grenade across the desk during a meeting and watch them panic as they are exposed.

So so glad I made my exit along with a barrow load of their cash and am now enjoying civilised life back home in the west.

Watching their demise and being forced to sell the family silverware to pay for their even more grandiose stupid ideas is deeply satisfying.

The end is nigh for them and will be celebrated with fine wine and pork in abundance, all paid for with their money too...

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Maybe you are a Non-Producing Slacker that needs to be watched closely.

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