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How do you deal with stress due to uncertainty?

I am almost 50 years old and I am pretty sure that I will be the target for the next layoffs. How do I feel? Not good. Not good at all. My friends try to comfort me that it doesn't have to mean that I will be the target, but I can feel it. I find it hard to bear the uncertainty here, and I'm failing to find a new job. Anxiety and stress is astronomical.

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There are a lot of jobs in the RTP area. I think you need to take a step back, reassess YOUR life, and not Lenovo be a master. It is a job, not indentured servitude. Do what little you have to, spend the rest of the time job searching and getting your resume updated. Start building come skills while you are still employed. Lenovo does not offer any skills development that are worthwhile. You have to do it on your own. Take control of your life and stop letting some Chinese company do it.

I know it is not the exact answer you are looking for, but a pity party is not good for you either. Pull up your big boy pants and do what is right for you. Lenovo will not miss you and does not care about you. They only care about the limited control they have over you.

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Astronomical stress and anxiety is a good way to have a heart attack. Sadly there is a history of males dying suddenly in DCG. The best way to deal with this is to assume or accept you will lose your job. Update LinkedIn, update your resume and ask people to give you recommendations on LinkedIn. LinkedIn uses certain metrics such as number of contacts, number of recommendations to make your profile more visible. If Lenovo follows their history they have generous separation packages. Subsidized Cobra is a great deal and Cobra without being subsidized is expensive but compared to options isn't horrible. You need to cross the bridge that you are leaving and devote your time to setting yourself up in the best way to make yourself attractive to recruiters. Most people I know have done ok after Lenovo. Don't become another victim of Lenovo and particularly of DCG which from what I hear is becoming almost intolerable at the worker level.

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Well, to be 100% honest with you, I was in the same situation 2 years ago. My advice is below and I would take this to heart before it effects more than it should:

  1. There is almost no worst place to work than at Lenovo. It is a dung heap and you are better not being there.
  2. Stop the stress, it is not worth it physically, mentally, nor emotionally.
  3. You WILL find new employment. This was my biggest fear. The worst part about it is that I was mentally the one telling myself I was not good enough. It is the worst attitude to have. You will get another job.
  4. Get professional assistance getting your LinkedIn account updated. I get emails and calls daily still from recruiters and these are not contractors. 5 months ago I got a call from a company with a bonified job offer that I never even applied to. I started doing some looking around and found a friend in the organization. He saw the opening, sent the manager to my LinkedIn page, and they knew more about me from him that I did not even have to interview. I didn't accept the offer, explained why, and pointed them to other people I know that were able to do the job and looking.
  5. Remember what is important...your family. Nothing else is and letting Lenovo take that away from you is tragic. Don't let them.
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I find a way to handle the stress is to be as ready as you can be. Update your resume, portfolio, LinkedIn etc in advance. Ensure you are getting the industry standard skills that are in demand, which can be hard to do at a company like Lenovo. Best of luck to you.

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