Thread regarding Collins Aerospace layoffs

Aerospace company? What a joke!

Based on how they treat their employees and run their facilities, especially from the Information Technology (Computer Support) side, I'd say that Micky D's would be more efficient with Aerospace production efforts then Collins is.

I have a couple relatives at the Union WV Plant, and caught wind of what a go getter they had in this one DXC Contractor. He was the best that had ever worked up there. Management liked and respected him, as did people on the floor. Computers were actually getting fixed and were significantly faster. Someone was actually making an effort to oversee IT dependent projects!

Word had gotten out that the DXC contract was coming to an end , but a lot of the management up there were under the impression this particular contractor would be hired directly. They couldn't afford to loose him. Nope... in the end stupidity prevailed and the plant has gone back to the inefficient lever pulling operation it used to be. From what I've been told this wasn't a failing on the part of the local plant manager, but someone up the chain on high (Winston /Salem) who doesn't even know what software packages or infrastructure they have at the Union WV plant...

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The final word for worker’s is - Unionize or get the boot 🥾
It’s a battle for cost cutting, you fight or you die.

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