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Fear of becoming obsolete due to outdated skillset?

I noticed that outdated skillsets are mentioned a lot on these threads. I absolutely agree, I am somewhat concerned that I will become unmarketable if I stay here a little longer. A colleague who got a job at another company told me that he really had to be a fast learner to get through the transition process to a new job.

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when your coworkers try & put you down, discourage you from leaving, you know a) you are BETTER b) this company is a piece of sh-t!

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I worked on the business side at GA for years. Won’t say how long but I am on the older side. I got a job at a biomedical company and couldn’t handle it. I was the best and fastest worked at GA - I trained countless people to use the “systems” at GA but found out GA doesn’t have much of a system when compared to other companies. I came back to GA and I am once again a top performer. I am old and will stay here until retirement now. The other Job paid more but I did not have the skill set to excel. If you are an older worker GA is a great place. If you are young in your career GA could be the worst thing that ever happens to you. But if you are willing to stay at GA long term…. It can be okay bc change does not come fast at GA and your skill set will stay useful longer.

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