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The real impact of the VTO on Allstate?

When Allstate decided to offer the VTO, it calculated the positive impact it could have on the company’s business. Here's what experts say about the positive effects WTO can have on a company:

VTO can:

  • Attract employees who are exceptionally passionate and find a sense of purpose in the company's social and community values
  • Support retention efforts, leading to a significant reduction in turnover and hiring costs
  • Promote an overall increase in job satisfaction, leading to healthier employees and increased productivity
  • Give employees more positive feelings towards work-life balance
  • Help build stronger bonds between coworkers
  • Improve a company’s brand recognition, reputation, and trust in the community

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Do you think the VTO will bring any of these benefits to Allstate?

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For me, I had to turn down the VTO and just hope and pray I do not get laid off. All this did for me was cause stress and anxiety about my future here. I had all good performance reviews, and know myself that I provide good work for my Allstate. I do not know how past VTO's have effected the morale of employees as I have only been here for about 5 years. I am not sure how you see all your bulleted points panning out in this climate. I just don't see it.

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