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Why are bullies protected here?

I’m sick of people injecting tremendous negative energy into our work environment with their subtle bullying. It is amazing to me that such people are not not punished but instead they are progressing at Lenovo.
I can only conclude that they are protected here, and worst of all, these are mostly people who are the least talented of all. I was overjoyed when one of them left my department and went to another company since there was no other way to stop their behavior.

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Some of the comments are from the bullies themselves. I agree with OP there are many narcissistic bullies and they boss was an ED and he acted like he owned the place and treating people like trash and it was a toxic culture that is hard to has to go through to after 2 years of putting up i quit....bullies thrive at lenovo.

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Correct on all points and that is just the tip of the iceberg. It is much worse and many books could be written on the creatures that crawled out of IBM. The short version is that anyone encumbered by a conscience need not bother and should direct his or her efforts toward leaving.

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There is a time to 'suck it up and put in the extra hours', but what if you do just that - on a regular basis - for months on end - and it becomes an office joke that you've become the 'whipping boy' whilst the favorites continue to put in a paltry 6-hour work day (no late night calls, either) ? Is that not bullying?

What about promoting people of the same race as the manager/director/ED because they have something in common, whilst there was a worthy employee asking for a chance to be promoted, working toward it for several quarters, and just ki----g it - is passed over for the person who was from the same part of the world as the manager? That's not a unique thing for Lenovo, but do you think that's right? I sure don't.

Then there's the issue of the constant negative gossip by the favorites that I've seen actually hurts the good people; some even have been laid off due to aggressive rumor spreading. Seems pretty toxic -- and a lot like bullying to me.

I've also seen secret meetings set up where a few favorites would meet, deliberately excluding others in the group, working on a side project... Before they know it, the "untouchables" have been told they've been let go because they weren't "contributing" -- to something they never knew existed.

I agree that some people need to suck it up more, but the whole idea that the answer to everything in the corporate world is "pull yourself up by your bootstraps", or "put on your big boy/girl pa----s and deal with it" is a complete farce.

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Not sure what you would call a bully. I know when I did work there, I had to pull data together for Exec meetings. I had waited 2 months for some new millennial hire to get the data. Every day the last week leading up to the meeting, I copied the first, second line managers, and Director. I was told because of so much asking he wouldn't be able to get it in time. He was too emotionally stressed to get it. I said OK. I copied the exact text from the email into the Exec presentation on the data. I can pretty much tell you how that went over in an Exec SLT meeting.

What you may call bullying is what others may call "do what you are getting paid to do". This is big boy world now and your actions have consequences. If you are too emotionally, mentally, stressed to do what you are being paid to do, there's the door.

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"So what I am reading here is Ex-IBM, which means DCG employees are bullied by the other EX-IBM managers."

Like most people on this site, I never worked in DCG. Bullying happens in many divisions throughout the whole company. That said, from what I've read here, it seems particularly bad in DCG.

"So it is not a Lenovo culture it is still and IBM culture."

No. It was an IBM culture problem that was allowed to continue, fester, and become worse over the years; ergo, it is now a Lenovo culture problem. They need to stop making excuses and take responsibility for it.

"Why not get up and call it out properly, raise a formal complaint."

Because HR is here to protect the company, they don't give a sh!t about the individual. If you speak up and complain, your name will be top of the list for the next layoff. Lenovo doesn't care about culture, fairness, bullying, or anything outside of the bottom line. It's all about money.

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So what I am reading here is Ex-IBM, which means DCG employees are bullied by the other EX-IBM managers.

So it is not a Lenovo culture it is still and IBM culture.

Why not get up and call it out properly, raise a formal complaint.

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knew several climbers that literally bragged of being dark tetrad personalities many times and Machiavellianism became more and more a job requirement as any leaders worth a damn got out of that he-l ho-e.

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The favoritism IS very blatant and rampant, especially among former IBMers. In fact, Lenovo has the reputation of being the "Good Ol' Boys Club of former IBM Employees".

I was harassed by a favorite who acted like it was his job to stand over me and criticize everything - from the clothes I wore, the shoes I wore, how I had my monitors positioned on my desk, what I was listening to on my smartphone, what webpages I was looking at on my PC, etc... The other coworkers all knew he acted this way too. Management (former IBMers) knew too, but they just looked the other way.

Here's another example. The management (former IBMer) told us to be at our desks by 9:00am , but another favorite employee would show up at 10:00am. Guess what time the manager would come by to check and see that people were at their desks? Yep, no earlier than 10:00am!

The lesson to learn when working at Lenovo is that it does NOT matter:
how much money you bring into the company
how productive you are
how hard you work
how reliable you are
how much you contribute to the success of others

If you're not a favorite of the management, you will be stuck on the sidelines, while the favorites are the ones who move up the pay band, get the opportunities for advancement, and are protected from getting laidoff or getting in trouble.

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Excellent question. I called out one person's behavior to my director and even before I could finish my sentence he interrupted me and said "I'm not going to do anything about it." When I pressed the issue, citing specific examples of this person's toxic behavior, he said, and I quote, "I think you just need to toughen up." My director was hired on at IBM in the late 70's and retired a year or so after this conversation.

I, too, noticed blatant favoritism and protection toward some - mostly former IBM'ers, and the rest of us were worked like dogs and treated like sh!t. I'm so glad I quit. you couldn't pay me to go back to that toxic hellhole.

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