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Top dogs just want to satisfy their greed

A question for those who have been here for a long time: has this company ever been run worse before?

I haven’t been here long, but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t. Sometimes I just can’t believe how greedy are those at the top and how much they don’t care about employees. They see people as just as a number and that’s devastating. Such poor management immediately signals to me that they have absolutely no vision of the growth and development of this company, their main goal is to satisfy their greed.

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There is another expense reduction initiative happening right now so you can expect more layoffs shortly. Why keep working here when you see capital treated as sacrosanct and labor is considered expendable? No upward mobility. LTL's are nothing but gaslighting. Message to management - Maslow's hierarchy includes safety and stability, not stretch opportunities (work with no where else to go) and mypath.

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@TopDog it certainly was alot better before the company went public.... now it's all about making the rich richer. The saddest thing is that from middle management up, they think we are all stupid. And they also know that many of us have no choice but to stay so they are going to exploit every inch of us that they can. I am just counting the days till retirement.

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