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Lenovo management doesn't care if we lose employees to competition

Lenovo has been hiring lower paid contractors a lot for the last 9+ years now. Take for example the inside sales team on the PC side. They seem to rotate in 20 or more new contractors (most have less than 5 years of sales experience) every quarter (to replace several existing ones) and since they are contractors, some don't even earn commission on their sales. I know in other departments, some people remained as contractors even over 10 years; their managers + directors just didn't put in the request to convert them into regular employees even when those contractors asked. The contractors don't get a commission, don't always get any bonuses from Lenovo, and many times don't get raises either (in fact many CTG contractors don't even get overtime pay for working overtime hours - just straight time pay). What I'm getting at is that Lenovo has already been cutting their "costs" by making so many people basically expendable over the last several years, I don't think the management cares if people jump ship over to Apple as long as they (the managers) aren't affected themselves.

Perfectly said, @1pdx+1azrhQdo.

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The remaining dcg “leaders” are parasites feeding off of the corpse of system x for as long as they can.

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100% of all people at Lenovo are expendable. The only few that aren't are here on international assignment and tied to China government.

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