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IBM should remove all managers and executives

Only thing I can tell is that IBM should remove all managers and executives. OR put them specifically on business/client facing side. Most of the Dev managers are coming from Test, support or not even technical background. From offering manager to VP level and so.

The downside is that there are barely few who really understand architecture and technology needed to complete. I would say hire few managers from FAANG companies with better pay than wasting lots of money on these non technical managers and executives.

What managers are doing? Just attending meetings, taking notes and reporting to second line. Same for second lines. No sure why do they need so many layers 5-6 layers till VP.

I am tired of hearing non sense from managers who don't even know what their product is.

AK is just taking money as much as he can. No improvements and RAs for executives & managers

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They are eventually being replaced by AI. The old fu--s get the last laugh.

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Welp, there it is. The stupidest fu----g thing I'll read all weekend.

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Bruh, just GTFO. This isn't your shoulder to cry on. This is the layoff board.

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Thanks for this. We are all much smarter now. Now get back to work!

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