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This is still a good company to work for

Yes, there are layoffs sometimes. But every single large company has layoffs at some point. Some have them more often than others, and I think we are in the "others" group. Other than that, we get paid well, receive nice benefits, and at least for me, get to do the jobs we love. I know there are people who are looking to leave, but I'm not one of them.

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I am an older worker and I have to say GA is a great place to work. I don’t need to know all the fancy computer products or learn new systems to work here. My job hasn’t changed very much in 10 years - I basically do the same thing I was 10 years ago and have gotten raises every year. I get ever other Friday off and GA allows me to work at my pace. I am not forced to ki-l myself to meet a deadline - GA will work with employees and push the deadline back. GA has never promoted anyone that started working after me in my department above me bc they respect my skill set and what I bring to the table. GA is great and if you are loyal you will get rewarded just as I have.

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I want to leave but I can’t. It’s hard to get an interview and when I interview everything is over my head. The skills I learned at GA aren’t as desirable to other employers. So I will make the most of what is available at GA.

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