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Bringing in these people from out west was the worst decision ever.

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I agree.
I work in the produce department. Most days I now have a wet rack clerk, a cao clerk, I am the mid shift as the manager and the closer comes in when I leave. We do over $100,000 a week. If my store manager pushes my budget to $110,000 I get 3 hours more.
I think they are the worst set of executives we have ever had. Probably sat in a meeting and said "I know how we can save money. Force everyone who knows what they are doing to retire. Then hire people strait out of college to run reports for the cheep". Never mind that alot of the forced retired and layed off people were the soul of the company and made it what it WAS.
I used to love working here. Was a great job. Now I hate it so much. Just say only 3 more years. Don't know if I am going to make it.

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Sad when Walmart pays more than you top out at. Starting pay at Walmart is $3 an hour more than our starting pay. I wonder why we can't hire anyone. They all try to say it is the unemployment checks but $3 an hour more at most places. Why would you get a job that after years you can never make that? I talked to an employee today who has worked for 42 years he is going to retire so he can get a good job. His starting pay of $15.45 is higher than 42 years of raises (non raise or gift card years).
They are great sending us a new training video to watch but I don't think any one of them could work in a store.
Just change the tasks in the labor program. All to cut labor. So we can repurchase our own stock. Just to get bigger bonuses for rodney and the board of directors. Stopped giving a sh-t about customers and employees a long time ago..
My best friend's son needed a job. Ask if we had openings. I told him yes lots of them even department heads (150 in our division). The I told him to look anywhere else. A horrible place to work.

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