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Don't look for hope that Jeff has a vision for our future. He has no track record of success ever. He is here because Glenn Post had just enough moral fiber to not want to be the most hated man in America and ki-l the phone company to force a fundamental transformation of the industry. Jeff contracts out everything including his job. He's just the mindless drone face guy.

How do you do this?
1) Try to sell the profitable branches that don't align with your vision (CHECK)
2) Stop marketing profitable products that don't align with your vision (CHECK)
3) Layoff the designers that know how to design the profitable products that don't align with your vision (CHECK)
4) Offer an unprecedented offer to buyout the sales people that sell the profitable products that don't align with your vision (CHECK)
5) layoff the remaining sales people that don't take the package who sell profitable products that don't align with your vision (CHECK)
6) Use tactics such as anonymous websites (just like this one) to encourage the decay of hope, using purchased psychological warfare to mind F the remaining workforce that is protected by a labor contract into leaving for a fee so low that it is less than the eventual cost of unemployment. Use same anonymous site to present the image that a covid ravaged world is waiting with open arms to embrace you with a stress free lucrative position. (CHECK)

1) Stay the course, if you're still here, the only thing that has changed is in your mind. Sadly, our thoughts are the most powerful thing in the universe.
2) Use the discomfort of this situation to motivate you to find the better situation before you leave.
3) Stop worrying what others will think if you're fired. You're fighting a battle they know NOTHING ABOUT.

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RE Stand firm-you are so correct on answer 3-short of committing a felnoy on the job noone cares anymore. In many cases your better off getting fired as you can get unemployment, a severance, or possibly sue the company. I've been fired a few times but if it happens here, it will be the first time I ever got fired by a robot as the bots are running the place and management is too lazy or indifferent to analyze the data first.

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I was one of those high seniority techs and yes I watched many layoffs and people and companies come and go. They offered a full no penalty retirement and almost a years severance, along with 25k toward Healthcare. It was a no brainer. I ran.

Lined up a job between saying yes to pkg and actual departure date. Left Friday started new job Monday. Best decision ever.

I may work harder for somewhat less money, but I am happy, health is much better, and I work for a company with morals that you aren't hated by the customer. And I don't watch my new company going down the tubes and wonder every day if I will have a job.

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Yes we can get 2 more years out of this and a lot can change in 2 years. Many high seniority techs say that they have felt this way several times during their careers but there is an ebb and flow to most everything.

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OP is spot on. They are trying to create the worst possible environment so people leave. Then they will claim helplessness. F these POS scumbags. Ride this tu-d all the way down

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Leaving that place was the best choice ever! No stress and my self dignity is back! That place is a disaster!

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I am so happy that I got out of there w/ a package after 43 years! That was one place that is just horrible!

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