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Not sure if I should still be hopeful

Sometime at the beginning of the month I read a thread of someone being called back. Since then I’ve not heard anything other than that person being congratulated. I had thought there would be replies of others being called back, but there was nothing, nada, zip. I was in the round of furloughs last year and since then I’ve had to get a job I detest just so I am able to pay the bills. I’ve always had hopes that I can be called back especially after reading someone else was fortunate enough to be. Now I’m not so sure. I’m debating on whether to start looking for another job that would be more appropriate for me and that I would enjoy and just giving up returning. I hate that when you find a job you truly enjoyed that anything else may not measure up.

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With some few exceptions (I have seen the previous post of people that were called back), I don't believe that Disney, as a rule, will call back people that were laid off. All the ones on furlough are already back (at least from the area that I know), and they are doing the work with the resources they have. I know that the business will pick up, and they will need more resources eventually.
I saw previous posts where they are mixing some political and social events that they believe Disney got into and reacting to it. I.e., some said that is good for minorities now because Disney is embracing some liberal ideas and bad for the rest, mentioning "woke concepts, and so on….This is far from true. Disney is so extensive and diverse, and this is seen in the different lines of business. The services areas (janitorial, food and beverage, retail, etc.) are primarily minorities; the executive branch (Chapek and the rest), corporate and creative sides (say, WDI) are primarily white professionals. However, to me, this is not a "race fight" necessarily; it reflects the social structure of the US. I don't believe either that this a political or "woke" event; this is an excellent example of corporate America.

Disney did use this pandemic event to restructure the organization and the various lines of business. It was a pretty good excuse that nobody can challenge. I am pretty sure that the company could have very well weathered this situation and keeping most of its employees. However, it was a business decision that Chapek (and others, of course) made to look good to the eyes of the shareholders and the board. They don't care about the cast members; even they keep claiming that all the time. And they claim that for PR reasons.

Below is an excerpt of the document from the link that a previous poster shared; this is from Chapek:
"We've had to make some really tough choices to get our company through this difficult period. At the same time, we've found new and innovative ways to deliver the magic of Disney to fans and families around the world, enabling them to experience much-needed moments of happiness and joy. I am proud of all that we've accomplished under difficult conditions, while always maintaining a strong focus on our company's values and priorities, and this includes our longstanding commitment to responsible stewardship"

Many times you have to read between the lines to understand the Corporate's mind: "tough choices," we've found new and innovative ways to deliver the magic of Disney," "I am proud of all that we've accomplished under difficult conditions…..Really? said that to all the ones that lost their jobs

I remember very well that they blamed California for the "drastic measures" that they were going to take for letting them open Disneyland last summer; yet, they laid off cast member all across the business lines, say Florida, WDI, corporate and other areas, like the studios, ESPN, etc. It was not just California.

The executive side set up parameters to cut people off, but it was up to each department head, director, or manager to list the "candidates" to be laid off. They also wanted to look good in the eyes of the higher-ups and cut people either because of their salaries, performance, or personal convictions; Chapek did not dictate whom to lay off, but the parameters for that. And they put together the list for a reason; some deserved to be out, but many others didn't; some simply were victims of directors/managers' "little power" and personal feelings to do so. And this could be one reason why people won't be called back.

Some can come back (maybe, besides the exceptions) by "forcing" their way back by calling their former directors or managers constantly; I already know some people that they are doing that because they had some good relationship with them.

Time will tell, but I am pretty sure that they will hire new people instead of calling people back once that the business is back to normal.

Good luck to all of you who are hopeful that they will you back! I mean it from the bottom of my heart

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I’m so sorry. Think hard on how Disney has treated you, and other cast members. I’m sure you enjoyed your job, but... do you firmly trust the new Disney 2021? If you have that fairy dust in your soul, then wait. If you even have a little doubt, move on. I did and I couldn’t be happier! There’s a job you’ll like out there ...

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